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Simplicity 16

Full 10 Year Guarantee: 
The Simplicity 16 is supplied with a full 10 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy for the canopy frame.

Low Profile:

For quick installation for minimal disruption to your property, also can be fitted in spaces with restricted access.

High UV Protection:

A layer of UV absorber is co-extruded onton our roofing panels to offer high UV protection.

Integral Aluminium Guttering:

Creates a sleek, modern design which is stronger than external guttering systems, giving you a future proof solution.

It’s simple, the Simplicity 16 has been developed with speed of installation, durability and cost in mind.

Due to it’s clever design, the Simplicity 16 provides a durable and attractive shade and shelter solution at our most cost effective price. It can project up to 4 metres and has a lightweight roofing system, making it perfect for use as a carport or veranda. The stylish modern design gives a look that is second to none, enhancing the adjoining building’s aesthetics. It also offers unbeatable structural performance, simply outperforming all other carport and canopy systems pound for pound.
The simplicity 16 is manufactured solely from aluminium to offer exceptional longevity and easy maintenance. It also features hidden, integral guttering for a clean, modern appearance. Unlike the mojority of roof kits, which only offer a fixed pitch, the simplicity 16 offers a pitch range of 2.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees to give more height at the back or to enable a low wall plate installation.

Optional Upgrades

Victorian Upgrade

Infared Heaters

Any RAL Colour

Glass Rooms